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Get on the good side of your neighbours

When you are looking to buy a new home you should be able to explore every single avenue of the house and its surroundings to get an idea of whether you will be happy there. Just like a real estate agent will show you around a house, you should have a local in the area show […]

Build or Buy?

An age-old question, should you build a house or buy a house? There are many advantages and disadvantages to both, so it will ultimately come down to what your particular situation is. Building your dream home is something everyone wants to do, but sometimes it’s just out of the question. This can be down to a number of […]

Neighbours make or break your lifestyle so be nice

Where you live is a very important factor in one’s life, it can even define who are as a person, what you like and dislike is easily reflected in your choice of suburb. So what happens when you’ve found the perfect house in the perfect suburb and you even scored big time with lovely neighbours, […]

Moving house the green way

In this day and age it’s vitally important that we do all we can to cut back on the amount of rubbish we produce, power we use and the general damage we do to the environment daily. This is especially important to remember when moving house. You can move house while being kind to the […]

Pack well, move well

Moving house is a daunting task, no one seems to enjoy it as, let’s face it, it’s a lot of work! Once you say the word removals people start to freak out. But you can make life easier for yourself by ensuring you pack all your belongings in an organised and careful manner to make the […]

Cubist Removals Services

Big Removals, London’s best provider of removals services would like to take some time out of our busy schedule to pay tribute to a true great. Pablo Picasso died 36 years ago but if he hadn’t, yesterday would have been his 128th birthday. Big Removals is a long way of being 128 years old but […]

Discover Our Removals Services

Humans and discovery go hand in hand much like removals services and Big Removals do, and today is the anniversary of one of the greatest discoveries –all be it an accidental one- of all time. Some 517 years ago a fairly unknown Italian man named Christopher Columbus landed on what he thought was Asia but […]

Removals & Storage – The Funny side

Removals and storage in London is a serious business and Big Removals can provide everything you need to store your belongings. We’ll send an fully licensed and expert remover to assess your removals needs free of charge and provide safe, secure and insured sealed container storage. Storing your belongings in America, however, seems to be […]

Removals in Wimbledon – A Diamond Idea

Removals in Wimbledon have always been particularly important to Big Removals and, although this year we have grown, moving people from one corner of Europe to another, we will continue to help those to move in the area where it all began, Wimbledon. Big Removals began as a small house moving company in SW19, with […]

Big Removals Packing Tip 6

Big Removals is a safe, secure and trusted professional removals service for all your removals needs. Big Removals can provide a complete removal service, which utilises its many years of experience for your home removal. Today marks Big Removals penultimate packing tip for the week and it’s all about saftey and security. Be Careful! Getting […]