Taking the pain out of an office move

No one likes to be told to pack up their things into boxes and label them according to what’s inside, especially at work. If you are in charge of organising the office move you may have come across some difficult types in the office who think they are too important to pack up their offices for the move.

Common responses to your request may be, “I’m too busy to be stuck in here packing” and “I have more important things to be doing right now than packing.” There’s nothing worse than trying to convince people to do something they don’t want to be doing. You may feel at a loss, or that no one takes you seriously. But there is an option for you, hire people to do the packing for the office. This way you can order people from the office to leave for a couple of hours, perhaps a work lunch could be organised during the office removals period.

There are plently of affordable packing companies out there. Big Removals offers a packing service for very affordable prices. One person packing service is £20 per hour, two people is £40 per hour and the three people packing service is £60 per hour. There is a minimum hire time of  two hours. The packing team at Big Removals are professional and friendly and will take upmost care with moving your belongings. For your peice of mind, all customers are insured for up to £100 000.

If you would like Big Removals complete removal service to include the professional and reliable packing service option you can either call 0845 555 0660 or complete an enquiry for by following the link- contact us.

Big Removals
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 • 0845 500 9486

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