Neighbours make or break your lifestyle so be nice

Where you live is a very important factor in one’s life, it can even define who are as a person, what you like and dislike is easily reflected in your choice of suburb. So what happens when you’ve found the perfect house in the perfect suburb and you even scored big time with lovely neighbours, only to find out it’s all about to come crashing down around you?

Seeing a for sale sign in the yard of your neighbours house can be very dissapointing if you have really gotten to know and like the current tennants. Having great neighbours can make or break your lifestyle. If they have similar interests to you, kids around the same age and you get along with them it makes for a perfect scenario.

You might go to the park with them, have them over for dinner parties and might even share babysitting duties. The last thing you want to see is that removals truck pulling up outside their house to take them away and replace them with strangers who are probably fuddy duddy old people who are in bed by 6pm and call the police if one of the children accidently throws a football into their back yard.

If you do find yourself in this situation with new ridiculous neighbours, try your best to solve your problems without shouting or resorting to calling the authorities. If you are having a party, invite them, so they might not come but the thought was there. Try your best to get along with them and be as nice as you can, that way they will have less reason to be difficult with you. If it ever gets completely out of control you can always move!

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