Moving house with children

When you move house it can be a very stressful time for the whole family. Children in particular often find the move stressful as the thought of leaving familiar surroundings can be unsettling. However, there are many things you can do to ease the pain for your little ones, try turning the move into an adventure and make the home removals process an exciting one for them. By doing this, you will probably find the whole process easier for you as well.

Before the nig move, it’s vital to get your kids familiarised with the new house and area prior to the move, you can do this by driving by your new home as often as you can and showing the kids their new home and how lovely it will be when you all live there together. 

Talk about the move and what will happen on moving day so they are ready for it. Treat the move as a fun adventure and let your children pack a small box of things that are important to them, especially for the first night in the new home. You should also look to give your children a sense of closure as it will help them feel secure about the move. A nice way to achieve this is to throw a moving party for them and allow them to invite their little mates. 

When moving day finally arrives you should have someone mind the kids while you take care of the move. That way they are out of the way and will not be saddened by seeing all their belongings being placed into a truck and their home empty.

When you arrive at the new home, set up the kids rooms as quickly as possible so they can go straight into them and familiarise themselves with their new home. Once you are all set up have a special family dinner in the house to celebrate.

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