Tips for moving house

Moving house is a pretty big task, there’s a lot more to think about than simply transporting your belongings. Here is a checklist to follow for your move from one month prior.

Four weeks before your move:

  • set a firm date for your move
  • organise a home removals service, do your research and ask friends and family for recommendations
  • arrange storage if you need it
  • organise transit and/or storage insurance for your belongings
  • organise your travel plans for moving day – if you’re moving some distance, you may need to book a hotel or other accommodation
  • if necessary, book time off work
  • collect or have your moving materials delivered 
  • start notifying businesses and suppliers of your change of address

Two weeks before your move:

  • start packing non-essential items and clothing and write the items packed on the outside of the box
  • arrange for disconnection and reconnection of electricity, gas, telephone etc services at your new address
  • make a list of the items you want the removalist to move and any items you’ll be moving yourself
  • arrange redirection of mail

One week before the move:

  • finish packing and ensure all boxes are correctly labelled with contents and rooms
  • if packing all your stuff has left you with piles of rubbish, take it to the tip

On moving day:

  • pack a survival kit for the first hours in your new home – include tea or coffee, kettle, mugs and teaspoons, water bottles, snacks etc
  • make sure the house is clean
  • strip the beds and keep the linen in a separate box that travels with you so you can use them on the first night
  • disconnect remaining appliances
  • do one final check of your house as the removalists are loading your boxes
  • stay home until the last item is packed and make an inspection of the van to check all your goods are loaded
  • close and lock all the doors and windows
  • make sure you have the keys to your new home with you
  • carry valuables, personal items and important papers with you so they don’t get lost

At your new home:

  • check all items during unloading and unpacking – look for any damaged or missing items
  • check the electricity/gas/phone has been switched on – if not, contact the suppliers
  • start with essentials such as making the beds and cleaning the kitchen for use
  • start familiarising yourself with the local area, shops, buses, cafes etc
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