Tips to a happy office move

It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world when you are told the office is moving to a new location. You’ve probably just got used to the commute in to your current office, have probably familarised yourself with the local coffee shops and bus routes only to be told you’ll have to do it all again at your new office in a matter of weeks.

You need to make sure you are told when to pack up your desk and how to pack up your desk, do they want you to use boxes or bags or something else? Find this out and go from there. The best way to move is to follow all the instructions you are given from the person who is supervising the office removals process. They may actually tell you to pack up your desk then take the next day off as they probably don’t want you in the new office while the computer and phone line guys are there installing everything, you’ll only get it the way. Too many cooks spoil the broth so to speak.

So the number one tip to a happy office move is to listen and obey all instructions! The next best tip is to pack your things in an organised manner so when you arrive at your new office it’s easy to find the things you need quickly and easily. The last thing you want is to be searching through boxes for that report that was due two days ago.

Another great ip for a happy office move is to not make waves about your new position in the office. If you used to have a window view and now you sit facing a big fat wall suck it up and deal with it. There may be some benefits to sitting there, such as not looking out the window all day, meaning you’ll get much more work done, you never know, you may end up getting yourself a promotion which in turn would lead to your own office! Don’t dwell on the immeadiate negatives.

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