How to make the office move easier

office_move_SmallThere are many ways to ensure your office move goes smoothly and to plan. The first thing you need to do is to set moving date and inform all staff of this date so each person can pack his/her own office the day before the move.

Ask everyone when they are packing their office to label each box and label each drawer with a corresponding number so the next day when you absolutely must have something you know was kept in drawer 16 you can go to box 16 and find it.

You will also need to find out if new the new space requires a remodel. If so, you should ask for staff input on their work area requirements and be sure you have adequate electrical, telephone, and cable capabilities for current and future needs.

You should contact your telephone company about installing new lines for the phone, fax and Internet and arrange for this to be done well in advance of the move or you may find yourselves stuck in the new office with no working phone lines.

You will also need to get the IT team to set up the work stations and network at the new location. Don’t plan computer upgrades to take place at time of move or you may find yourself without the use of your computers.

You should also decide on the layout of office furniture and equipment for the new office and measure spaces to be sure the current furniture and equipment will fit. You don’t want your new office looking all crowded and clunky.

The next step is probably the most important. You will need to hire an office removals company and ensure they are trustworthy and reliable, you may need to check their references to be sure. Encourage staff to leave the removalists to do their thing, don’t get anyone helping as they will only get in the way. The job will be done quicker if you leave it to the professionals.

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