Moving house and finding love

loveYou wouldn’t think that moving house could send you into the arms of a new lover, but real life stories prove it can happen! There was the story in London recently of a home removals man who went to move a woman from her Notting Hill abode only to find it was Elle Macpherson. Needless to say he worked his charm during the move and the pair of them were an item for a little while much to the envy of all his co workers who weren’t assigned to that job.

So keep your eyes peeled ladies, the men who come to pack up your belongings and move your furniture could be the man of your dreams. At least you know they can lift heavy objects and would come in handy around the house. You could even lend him out to your friends for help in the moving department.

Then there’s always the potential of the new neighbours.┬áThe boy next door really could be the love of your life! Once you’ve moved into your new neighbourhood, try to get acquainted with your neighbours, not only to scope them out for potential hotties but you never know when you might need their help.

You always want to have them on your side, that way they will be more forgiving if you have a party till four in the morning. Or if you run out of milk one morning and can’t be bothered running down to the shops. In anycase, moving house can often mean finding love!

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