Just bought that dream home?

houseremovalsYou’ve been looking at it for months, perhaps even years. Every day you try to walk past it to see if anyone’s still living in it, or if there’s a finally a for sale sign out the front, but each day it’s the same story. Why would any want to sell it you think to yourself.

It’s such a glorious house, so beautiful and so full of character. You can see yourself living in it until you’re old and grey. You have to have it, you need it, you want it, but something tells you it will be a while before it comes on the market.

Then one day as you walk past a local real estate agent’s window, you see it. The house. It’s finally for sale, and what’s better, it’s well within your budget. You race inside and organise a viewing ASAP and it’s everything you dreamed it would be and more.

You make an offer that same day and it’s accepted. Today is your lucky day. You are now the owner of your dream home and you couldn’t be happier. But then a strange feeling of worry washes over you. How are you going to get those beds through these narrow halls? The piano? When will you find the time to move?

Suddenly you start to feel a little sick. Then you remember seeing an advertisement for a house removals service. You give them a call and it’s all organised. They will come around to your old place, pack everything up for you and move it all in one day to your new place. Problem solved. So now you can go back to the bliss of knowing you own your dream home.

Big Removals is London’s leading removals and storage company. To contact us either call 0845 555 0660 or email sales@bigremovals.com

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