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Big Removals, London’s best provider of removals services would like to take some time out of our busy schedule to pay tribute to a true great. Pablo Picasso died 36 years ago but if he hadn’t, yesterday would have been his 128th birthday. Big Removals is a long way of being 128 years old but we hope that our reputation for greatness will one day rivals that of the big mans.

removals services picasso

Picasso was the creator of cubism, a modern principle that artwork need not represent reality to have artistic value. Major cubist works by Picasso include his costumes and sets for Sergey Diaghilev’s ‘ballet russes’ in 1917 and more famously ‘the three musicians’ in 1921. Here at Big Removals we have our own concept of cubism and it has nothing to do with art in fact it is all about boxes. Our experienced removals services staff offer a complete packing service including wrapping, boxing and dismantling furniture, with a range of different shaped and sized boxes we will make a cubist masterpiece all of your own. Sadly Picasso died in 1973 at the age of 91 but you can still see his work as it is exhibited around the world, to check when his paintings will next be in your area then have a look at Picasso’s official website, for any removals services advice look at ours.

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