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Big Removals have been carrying out removals in London for a number of years now and it’s been a pleasure,  we now think its about time we pay homage to this great city by giving you some tips on what to do and where to go. However we aren’t going to suggest that you go to oxford street or any other generic tourist location, this guide is not for tourist its for Londoners who love the city and want to rediscover it.

  • If you have young children it can be hard to find new things to do that the whole family can enjoy, but there arebig-removals-loves-london numerous free or cheap theatres offering shows aimed at children and thier following partents.  The barons court theatre on Comeragh Road in West London is hosting a family magic and variety show with Richard Leigh, presented in an intimate theatre specially designed for close-up magic and illusion age 5+ up untill the 1st of novemeber, and at the southbank centre the Jeppe Hein’s interactive fountain has returned, walls of water rise and fall randomly to create a series of constantly changing ‘rooms’, the interactive foutains will be a fixture on London’s south bank untill the 23rd of October.
  • Now for the adults. London has some of the best bars and pubs in the world, but the oldest and arguably still the best is Gordon’s wine bar located at 47 Villiers Street in Embankment. This bar was established 1890, before it was used as a warehouse to store sherry and other Alcoholic spirits ready to be put on to ships.
  • Another thing London has in abundance is good quality shops, however if you are living on a shoestring then the London charity shops are perfect for picking up designer bargins. An example of a charity shop where you can pick up cheap designer clothes is Barnardo’s, 414 Brixton Rd, SW9 7AY. Brixton tube/rail. 9am-5pm Mon-Sat; 10am-5pm Sun.

Unfortunately Big Removals won’t have any time to enjoy any of these things as we are to busy carrying out removals in London, but don’t let this stop you, there are hundreds of cheap or free things to relight your passion for the city we love. Check out the TimeOut website for hundreds of events happening all over London

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