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Humans and discovery go hand in hand much like removals services and Big Removals do, and today is the anniversary of one of the greatest discoveries –all be it an accidental one- of all time. Some 517 years ago a fairly unknown Italian man named Christopher Columbus landed on what he thought was Asia but turned out to be the land of the free, removals services

America is a place that most people in the world have heard of, but its discovery was nothing more than a miscalculation and today is the anniversary of when Columbus and his crew first set foot on the new world. At Big Removals we see any voyage as important whether it’s from the known to the unknown or just Wimbledon to Hackney. Columbus was trying to set up a direct sea route to southern Asia as the route through the red sea was a no go area for Europeans, when he found land he just assumed that he had found Asia, on his return to Spain (the country that sponsored his expedition) he was hailed as a great success and no-one knew of his miscalculation until a few years after his death.

As most miscalculations don’t normally result in finding a new continent, here at Big Removals we are confident that with our comprehensive removals services we won’t make any miscalculations with any aspect of your move. If you fancy discovering America for yourself then have a look at the American tourist website.

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