Removals in London are taking their Toll


Removalists in London are a massive contributor to the congestion charge coffers but it was not a financial toll that burdened this removal in Whitechapel. The final three bells of an eight bell set were completed this week and began their removal from Whitechapel Bellfoundry in London.

The first five of these copper and tin bells are already halfway along their removals journey resting in Whites, church bell-hangers of Appleton, near Oxford.  A frame and fitting will be designed for the remaining three bells before removalists will take the entire eight bell set to St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Shiplake.

Bell ringers, donors and project supporters raised £98,000 to replace the existing bells at the church which, according to Bob Partridge, the project coordinator, were difficult to play and are not of the best tone. Removaing and replacing the exisiting church bells has taken two years so far and will hopefully be completed by Christmas.

Removals in London don’t come much larger than this project with a ton of molten bell metal, comprising 77 per cent copper and 23 per cent tin, being used to create the original five bells and yet more for the proceeding three. Big Removals was interested to read Henly Standards report of this mammoth removal.  For more information on removals in London ore any of the services provide by Big Removals follow the link – removals services.

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Bob Partridge, the project coordinator said the new ring of eight bells

will replace

the existing ones which are difficult to play and are not of the best tone.

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