Big Removals Packing Tip 6

big-removals-packing-tip6Big Removals is a safe, secure and trusted professional removals service for all your removals needs. Big Removals can provide a complete removal service, which utilises its many years of experience for your home removal. Today marks Big Removals penultimate packing tip for the week and it’s all about saftey and security.

Be Careful!

Getting your friends and family to help you move is a nice way to include the people you love with the excitement of your move. However, these are not professional removal experts and do not have the many years of removal experience of Big Removals. Non professionals can get hurt!

Always lift boxes from the knees, keeping your back straight and your core strong. Wear appropriate clothing. Flip flops may keep you cool but provide no protection if you are unlucky enough to drop something. Work as a team. Big Removals high calibre staff are able to move your possessions safely and securely because they constantly communicate, working together as a team, to finish the work as efficiently as possible.

Accidents can happen so make sure children are supervised throughout your move. Pets can also cause trouble. If you have a pet keep them safey out of the way either in an appropriate pet cage or with a friend or neighbour. Big Removals provides up to £100,000 insurance for you goods in transits protecting your possessions from any unfortunate occurrences.

Enjoy Your Move

Always remember it’s worth it. You wanted to move and the stress and strain of your removal will be over very soon. Everything will be fine. Big Removals has many years of removal service experience and can reduce the stress of you removal. For information on Big Removals complete removal services including packing service follow the link – removal services.

Big Removals are  London’s leading removal service and heavy removals specialist. To contact us either email or call 0845 555 0660

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