Big Removals Packing Tips 4

big-removals-packing-tip4Big Removals, London’s leading removals company, has many years of removal service experience and knows exactly what to do to make your removal and success. As professionals, Big Removals likes to take care of everyone of your belongings and would like to offer some advice so you can do the same. Today and tomorrow we will provide the best professional advice on how to pack guide, free of charge.

How to pack Books
Don’t pack more than 30 kg of books in a box, unless you’re a regular competitor in strong man competition. Plug in small spaces in each box with smaller paperbacks. Rotate bindings every few books to keep piles level in each box tape shut and mark box books.

Where appropriate, mark boxes that need to be a certain way up. Big Removals always move boxes in an upright position but these items need to be marked “THIS WAY UP.” If you have valuable or antique books pack these separately and consider using extra packaging materials like bubble wrap. Big Removals can provide all necessary packaging materials. For more information follow the link – packaging materials.

How to pack Clothes
Wardrobe boxes are ideal and make life easier unpacking, clothes can be taken straight from wardrobe on hangers and hung straight into wardrobe box with no added ironing to do afterward. Although they can be expensive Big Removals can provide packing materials including wardrobe boxes. For information on Big Removals packaging costs follow the link – packaging material costs.

If boxes still have some space think about filling them with lightweight items like lamp shades covered in bubble wrap. Suitcases can be used for packing clothes. Write on boxes clothing or with the person’s name on so they can placed in their room.

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