Big Removals Packing Tip 5

luggage full and ready to travelRemovals can be stressful, costly and tiring. Big Removals can help take the hassle out of you removal service providing a complete professional packing service for all your possessions. For information on Big Removals packing service follow the link – packaging service. For those, who want their removal experience to be there own, Big Removals have another packing tip for our many years of experience.

Computers and electronic items

Where possible pack electrical items such as TVs, stereos, amplifiers, CD players, video players, and turntables in their original cardboard box. If you did not keep original packaging they can be packed in boxes with proper packing materials like bubble wrap and moving blankets. Big Removals always uses the best possible protection for your possessions. If you would like information on the cost of Big Removals specialist, professional packaging materials you can follow the link – packaging materials cost.

A tip for those smaller electrical items; use pillows along with clothing and linens to protect electronics. Big Removals would always advise electronics are packed in sturdy boxes. Label the wires, cords, and jacks of your piece of equipment to make reconnecting your system quick and easy. Label the boxes Fragile, with the room of the house they’re going into and what the box contains. Always remove CDs or disks for machines and back up important files.

Packing Mirrors and Framed Pictures

Pack individual pieces or groups into Adjustable Mirror Boxes surrounded by adequate Packing Materials to ensure a safe journey. Label the boxes with Fragile and with the room destination. Wrap the picture or mirror in an ample amount of padding bubble wrap or paper.

Place in a flattened packing box carton. Carefully tape and seal the carton. Always stand glass, pictures and mirrors on their edge do not lay flat. If you have no purpose made picture boxes, normal removal boxes can be used by cutting them up and wrapping around mirrors or pictures always remember to protect corners and tape star shape.

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