Big Removals Packing Tip 3

big-removals-packing-tip3You’ve planned you removal, acquired your packaging materials and now its time to start packing. If the thought of fitting everything into boxes fills you with dread Big Removals, London’s leading removals company, can provide and full, secure and professional packing services. For more information on Big Removals packing service follow the link – packing service.

Furniture Dismantling Systems
Big Removals again advises you to plan ahead and take your time. Work methodically and carefully when disassembling any furnishings, beds or wardrobes. Put the screws, nuts or bolts into a plastic bag along with any assembly instructions and tape it to the item itself.

Do not use packing tape directly on polished or painted wood surfaces. Stripping off the packing tape could spoil the surface.

Necessities box
Put together a box of essentials and mark it “Open Me First.” Put this box to the side to be loaded last so it’s first of the van or transport it yourself. The Essential box should contain: Basic tools such as torch, pocket knife, hammer, screwdrivers, tape measure and light bulbs.

Bathroom essentials such as hand towel, soap, toilet paper, shampoo. tooth brush. Kitchen needs such as paper towels, kettle and teapot, plates and cups, cutlery, pet foods, bin liners.

Pack most important papers together, for instance birth and marriage certificates passports, and keep them in a safe place.

Big Removals packing tips are here to help you pack you possessions in a professional manner. If you require Big Removals professional service and are interested in Big Removals packing your home and would like information on the cost follow the link – packing service cost.

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