Big Removals Packing Tip 2

big-removals-packing-tip2Big Removals, London’s leading removals service, provides another free removals tip on day three of its packing tip week. Home removals should not be rushed. You’ve planned ahead for your removal now you need to get proactive and collect the necessary materials for your removal service.

Packing Boxes

Acquire more boxes than you think you will need. Big Removals know, from many years of removals experience, that people are always surprised by how much they have collected.

Prior to packing cartons, you’ll need to wrap most items to guard them from scratching and shatter. Big Removals can provide all packing materials including boxes, adhesive tape and bubble wrap. For information on Big Removals packing materials follow the link – packaging materials.

Support the bottom of boxes with adhesive packing tape.  The last thing Big Removals want is to pick a box up, the bottom to open up and everything to crash to the floor. Fill boxes securely and pack well to prevent the contents from moving during your move. Close up boxes securely with packing tape. Boxes should be no more than 30kg in weight

List boxes

Make a main list of all household possessions and your personal effects. Number boxes when they are packed and sealed. Note on the main list the contents of the numbered boxes.

Big Removals likes to share it’s many years of home removal, office removal and international removal experience. We will continue to provide free removals advice for the next four days.

Big Removals are  London’s leading removal service and heavy removals specialist. To contact us either email or call 0845 555 0660

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