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big-removals-packing-tip1In celebration of the relaunch of Big Removals website we are offering the benefit of our many years of removals experience. Big Removals knows the key to  beginning a successful removal service is how you pack your belongings. Each day for a week Big Removals will provide an expert packing tip for your possessions, which we have learned from many years of professional removals expertise. Big Removals first removals packing tip is all about preparation.

Wise Packing

Spend some time to prepare, taking into consideration how you are going to pack your property. Books are straightforward but weighty, valuables need particular care when wrapping and will take time, and certain furniture may need to be dismantled.

Pack a room at a time, labeling each box with details of its contents and where it should be placed in your new home e.g. kitchen, bathroom, garage. It is also an idea to tape a sign in rooms of your new house, with names corresponding to the boxes, so they can be placed directly in these rooms.

Visibly mark “Fragile” on the outer surface of cartons and try to be as accurate as possible. Don’t mark all boxes with fragile but only those which actually have breakable items inside. Be as detailed as you can as it will make unpacking a good deal easier.

Keep the load of your boxes sensible to avoid any back injuries, putting heavy objects in small boxes to make them easier to carry. Place lighter items in bigger boxes.

Big Removals is a removal service specialist. We have a long list of satisfied customers, who have taken our advice for a stress free, safe and professional home removal. If you would like to read the comments on our removal services you can follow the link – references – or for a full list of references for Big removals home removal, office removal or international removals follow the link – Big Removals References.

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