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nepal-big-removalsRemovals in London have been dealt a blow today with Big Removals very own Ed Marland taking time to follow in the footsteps  of holy men, gaze up at the highest point on the planet and search for Yeti. Removals Services in Kathmandu will become more efficient with one of London’s best Removalists heading to Nepal.

Famous for having eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest, and being the birth place of Buddhism Nepal is a spiritual and beautiful place. Ed has been keeping fit moving houses across the country and I sure he’ll need to be when he takes on the trek to Everest Base Camp. At 6000 metres just the base camp of Everest is 6 times higher than the biggest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis.

One of Nepal’s most famous sons is Siddhārtha Gautama. Born around 400 BC  Siddhārtha is more famously known through his spiritual teachings and monastic lifestyle as the founder of Buddhism. Buddha Gautama is seen by most as the Sammāsambuddha or Supreme Buddha. Although Buddha was once a soldier he is commonly considered to be a man of peace. This is not true of other famous Nepalese residents such as the Gurkhas, who are considered to be a “Martial Race”. As a man of peace himself I’m sure Ed will not be testing the odd Gurkha ritual that once their Khukhuri Dagger has been unsheathed it cannot be replaced until it has tasted blood.

Big Removals would like to wish Ed an excellent trip. Never afraid of home removals, no matter the size, and always first to scale the heady heights of skyscrapers across London to complete an office removal, Ed is going to be well suited to Nepalese life. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw once famously said about Gurkhas: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha.” Big Removals would like to add Removalist Ed Marland to that list of the fearless if only in a removals sense. Good Luck!

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