New Eco-towns Match The Big Removals Want To Reduce Carbon Emissions.

CutCarbon_LogoBig Removals, London’s leading home removals, office removals, and general removals service, has been trying its hardest to cut its carbon emissions since January 2007, we consider ourselves to be one of the most eco-aware removals services on the market.

Most new homes being built will be built with the environment in mind, big removals want to match the eco-friendliness of these new homes with our removals service.

Whether big removals is conducting home removals or office removals we are always trying to think of new ways to lower our carbon footprint, working under the framework of the carbon trust big removals have already achieved this but we’re not stopping there. With new eco-towns being built in Norfolk, Hampshire and other numerous areas across rural England, big removals are trying to improve our environmental policy even further. If you, like us, care about the move towards environmental housing then have a look at the PassivHaus website, for specific construction standards for residential buildings. With many newspapers and economical experts reporting that the green shoots of recovery are coming from the housing market soil, our removal service is as ready as ever to help you move no matter your removals needs.

Big Removals are London’s leading complete removals company and heavy removals specialist. To contact us either email on or call 0845 555 0660

Big Removals
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