Removals and Landlord Commision charges


Removals companies may be seen as an added expenses in a struggling economy, which has hit landlords particularly hard. Big Removals removals service will never charge you for something you don’t feel you need, whether it is extra packaging for a home removal, porters in an office removal or shipping and freight cost for an international removals service. Big Removals will provide a clear, itemized quote for your removals service, which you can consider and discuss. Big Removals would like to provide some free removals service advice for current landlords, who may be considering a removal in this current economic climate.

The British High Court ruled landlords are being charge unfair commissions on tenancy agreements by the largest estate agent in the country, Foxtons. Mr Justice Mann ruled that leasing agreements made by Foxtons, which operates mainly in London, unfairly overcharged commission to landlords. The Judge described Foxtons’ agreements as traps and timebombs. Big Removals cannot condone the illegitimate and unfair exploitation of landlords and would never exploit a customer with any removals service quote.

Big Removals learned a landlord renting out a typical two-bedroom property costing £15,000 a year would have paid Foxtons about £1,650 a year in commission. Over 14 years on an existing agreement this would entitle the landlord to reclaim an estimated £23,100. This commission would increase if the tenant purchased the property, with Foxtons claiming entitlement to a full real estate commission for the properties sale. For more information the High court Ruling on Foxtons contracts visit the Times Online; buy-to-let landlord article.

Big Removals has an extensive list of happy and satisfied removals service customers and feel indignant that the real estate and rental industry, of which Big Removals is a part, has been besmirched by the unethical practices of Foxtons estate agents. For a complete list of Big Removals removals service references follow the link – Big Removals references.

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