Big Removals Joins in Wasp Removal Warning

wasps-removal-big-removalsWith the UK in the midst of wasp week, Big Removals has joined with insurer Shelia’s Wheels to issue a warning to not remove house wasps.  The last week in July and the first week in August sees more wasp sings than any other time of the year with the prevelency of these flying insects, of the Hymenoptera order, reaching its height.

Wasps, unlike Bees, are considered a preditory form of Apocrita  insect. This preditory nature is the basis for the house removal warning with wasp nests posing a considerable danger.  Professional removal is considered the safest way to deal with any wasp nest. Big Removals and Shelia’s Wheels are issuing their wasp removals warning to reduce DIY removal attempts, targetting demographics who are unlikely to head the advice of common consensus.

Press releases have been given to financial magazines and online websites, such as, to grab the attention of those, predominantely male, individuals who would think to remove wasp nests from their houses without profession removals experts. Spokesperson for Shelia’s Wheels, Jacky Brown, was on hand to comment: “DIY nest removal should never be attempted by the untrained. Some nests house colonies of hundreds of stinging insects.”

Big Removals would suggest the use of professional removals experts, especially in these summer months. Disturbing nests can result in nasty, painful stings and moving house wasps should not be treated lightly. If your are unfortunately stung while removing a wasp nest bathe the area with a mild solution of vinegar or lemon juice to help neutralise the venom. Wasp stings are alkali in nature and these mild acids will help nuetralise the sting. Use calamine lotion to soothe the area. For more advice on treating wasp stings look at Essortment website.

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“DIY nest removal should never be attempted by the untrained”, said Jacky Brown, Sheila’s Wheels spokeswoman.
“Some nests house colonies of hundreds of stinging insect
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