Home Removal Still a Political Issue

real-estate-esther-rantzenHome Removal and real estate remains a politcal issue and will continue to be so until the next election claims former That’s Life presenter Esther Rantzen. The 69 year old journalist and television presenter, so incensed by the real estate and removals wrangling exposed through the MP’s expense scandal, will contest the Luton South ward in next years general election.

The Telegraph’s exposese of MP’s expense claims, particular with regard to their property, home removal and home improvement, has caused a massive political backlash against “established” politicians. The far right, anti-immigration BNP were able to tap into this social zygist earlier in the year acheving two seats in the European parliment. Ms Rantzen will hope that expenses continue to plague MP’s as she bids to take on the incumbent Labour MP, Margaret Moran, in what would conventially be consider an uncontestable seat for an independent.

The Rt Hon Ms Moran used £22,500 of tax payers money to remove dry rot in her second home in Southampton, 100 miles from her constituency North of London. This home improvement was initially defended by Ms Moran as an offical removal but has since repaid the sum siting “constituents’ anger at the current fees regime.”

The Guardian newspaper was on hand to report Ms Rantzen’s official entry: “I have a home near Southampton and it has got the most terrible dry rot but I got rid of it and I promise you and other taxpayers I will not charge you a penny if it comes back.” Ms Rantzen went on to suggested an anti-sleaze ticket with “Let’s love Luton” as a local campaign slogan, with “A fresh deal for Britain” as a possible national alternative.

Home removal is a cornerstone of Big Removals removals service and welcomes any form of debate regarding the services in the industry. As a member of the removals community, we will provide Ms Rantzen space to share her views of MP’s real estitate claims, as is her democratic right. Big Removals has therefore posted an interview with Ms Rantzen, from BBC London. An offical removals service provider, Big Removals will continue to provide its professional reliable and trusted removals service.

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