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south-london-removalsSouth London Removals company Big Removals are only too aware that London roads can be a busy and at times dangerous place. Their team of drivers think that with a little bit of common sense and precaution the London roads can be a safer place for all concerned. The bottom line is to stay aware, keep your concentration levels up and try to forecast any potential problems.  Here is some info for the different travellers sharing the roads.


Did you know that driver sleepiness is estimated to account for around one fifth of accidents on major roads and approx 300 deaths per year?!

Next time your feeling tired we suggest you take a power nap or seek an alternative mode of transport that doesn’t endanger the life of you and others. Take a taxi, catch a bus or walk to your destination.


Although they only account for 1% of traffic on the road they account for 20% of all great Britain’s road user deaths. The five most common factors in road accidents for motorcyclists are:

1. Failing to look properly

2. loss of control

3. Failed to judge other persons path or speed

4. Careless, Reckless or in a hurry

5. Poor turn or manoeuvre


Wearing a helmet greatly reduces your chances of injury in the unfortunate event of an accident. Make sure that your bike is well maintained with good breaks and tyres, it’s also advisable t o refrain from wearing an iPod whilst cycling.

For more information of road safety check out the Think Road Safety website.

Big Removals provide South London Removals as well as the rest of the greater London region. To contact us either email on or call 0845 170 0660

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