Big Removals, Big Ben, Big Brother!

big-removals-big-benBig Removals is willing to share the limelight this May with the 150 year anniversary of Big Ben as well as the hype for the upcoming season of Big Brother.

One of London’s most famous icons and a fine example of well designed timekeeping Big Ben is this month celebrating 150 years of operational excellence. What a lot of people don’t realise about this well engineered marvel is that it does not contain any electronic operating parts and that it is entirely good old fashioned clockwork. To keep it running it is handwound three times per week and regularly oiled to maintain its accurate timekeeping.

Big Removals is proud to say that they remain as regular as clockwork with a strong office support team and well maintained vehicles and courteous drivers. So call them with peace of mind that when it comes to making the move your in the best hands with the Big Removals team. For light moves we recommend our associated company Man and Vans.

This month has also been a frenzy with the lead up hype surrounding the upcoming Big Brother season, every series they seem to pool together a more outrageous crew of attention seekers hoping for their ten minutes of fame. Whilst housemates are duking it out and raising the bar to be rained the most wild wacky and adventurous and for a chance at the prize,  Big Removals are keeping it professional with their dedicated team and fleet delivering service to the London boroughs. Whether it is an office relocation or complete house move you know you’ve got it covered right down to the protective packaging when you enlist the Big Removals team.

Big Removals are  London’s leading complete removals company and heavy removals specialist. To contact us either email on or call 0845 555 0660


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